Tenants Save Money - Void Energy Service.
Providing energy solutions to save you time, money and effort.

We are the UK's leading void energy specialist's working with housing associations and local authorities across the UK saving time and effort. 

Award winning team with 15 years' experience in the energy sector providing first class customer service. We will save your organisation time by dealing with all energy related issues during the void period with all UK energy suppliers.

We work with a number of energy providers to offer you choice that best fits your requirements. 

    Our Easy 4-Step Process 


  • Void energy service​

  • 4hr SLA to restore power

  • Panel of energy suppliers

  • Smart meter installations

  • Same day emergency meter replacements

  • Consolidated billing

Tenant Gives Notice

Send your property addresses and void date to TSM to start the switching process.

Tenant Vacates

Properties will have switched to the new supplier and accounts transferred back to you. Our suppliers will arrange a smart meter installation unoccupied.

Void Period

Contact us when you have an energy issue during the void period. We can restore power, remove historical debt and arrange same day meter replacements with all UK energy suppliers.

New Tenant Moves In

Send TSM tenants' names, moving in date and meter readings to close off the void period and transfer the account to the tenant.

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