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What is a Void Energy Service?

Void Energy Service

Are you tired of dealing with energy-related problems during the void period? Our void energy service is here to help.


With over £100 million of void energy debt in the UK, social landlords can benefit from our specialist team that handles all energy matters during the void period with every UK energy supplier.


This service saves you time and money, meaning you no longer have to deal with any energy-related concerns


Smart Meter Installation

Be Smart

Are you a social landlord facing energy issues in your void properties? Look no further than TSM Void Energy Service! Our solution? Smart Meters.

With the ability to provide power during the void period without topping up, smart meters save you time and hassle. Plus, all SMET2 meters are credit billing compatible, meaning no more electric keys and gas cards.

Our team can arrange for the installation of smart meters into void properties via key safe, ensuring that all final energy bills are consolidated and correct with accurate meter readings.

Electric Key and Gas Card Resets

Fixing Problems

Are you tired of dealing with debts on your electric key and gas card meters? 

Look no further that TSM! Our team understands the stress and hassle this can cause. Which is why we offer a solution. We work with all UK energy suppliers to remove the debts, so you don't have to.

No electric key or gas card? No problem! We have them and will remove debts from our office and send them to you for the following day, to the address of your choice. This will save you valuable time trying to find a local shop that stores them.

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Prepay Top Up Service

Saving time

Are you tired of wasting time and energy dealing with power issues in empty homes? Say goodbye to the hassle and let our void energy service take care of it for you! Our remote top-up services means no more getting cash to pay for power, finding a shop that has a electric key or gas card and finding an app to top up smart meters.

Isolation Switch Installation


Is your property equipped with isolation switches?  If not, it's time to consider installing them.


Isolation switches provide a physical barrier between the user and live parts of an electric system, protecting against electric shock.


At TSM Void Energy Service, we offer 2-pole and 4-pole isolation switch installations for void properties and tenanted properties via key safe, typically completed within 7 days.

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One Bill For Your Void Properties

We've worked with our energy suppliers to offer our clients consolidated energy bills.


One bill, one payment delivered electronically to reduce the paper bills and protect the environment.

Void Energy Training

On-site Nationwide  

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering on-site void energy training across the UK for our clients.

If you're looking for a void energy service that includes comprehensive training to equip your teams with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage energy issues, look for further!

Our expert trainers are available for on-site training or virtual sessions via Microsoft Teams.

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