Our mission is to deliver the best in class void energy services by installing the latest smart meters into every home during void. In partnerships with EDF Energy and Utility Discount we aim to provide real value to social landlords and tenants by saving time and money on utilities.

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Void Energy Management

Our mission is to deliver the best-in-class void energy service by installing the latest smart meters into every home during void.

Our simple data processing means that every property that becomes void we'll become the incumbent energy supplier (EDF Energy).

Our partner managers will support you everyday to make sure our partnership is strong and deal will any unexpected issues.  

We will supply you with weekly reports on supply start date, objections and installation of smart meters.

Consolidated void billing saving you time.

4hr SLA on RTI and Reset codes with any supplier.

Smart meter installation during void.

Encourage tenants to save money on energy bills from day one.

We have UK wide coverage on void energy services.

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Smart Meter Installations


Our engineers can go it alone, Supplying key safe codes or keys from operations in fine by us.

We'll install the latest smart SMETS2 meter in to the property during void allowing for essential maintenance and repairs to be done quicker.

We'll arrange for our engineers to make contact to build relationships for smart meter installation.

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Save Tenants Money On Energy Bills


Affordable homes creates a happy home. We aim to help lower income     

families save money on essential bills.

Helping tenants manage finances in the home stops them getting behind on the essentials i.e. rent, utility bills and helps prevent poverty.

Tell us when your new tenant is moving in so we can make sure they pay the best rate for their energy from day one.

Only 20% of tenants Switch energy to save money.

11 million people are now in low income before housing costs.