Void Energy Service.

Void energy Service


Tenants Save Money offer a fully managed void energy service to housing associations and local authorities across the UK.


Our void energy service saves you time when dealing with energy related issues, our specialist team will deal with any energy issue during the void period with all UK energy suppliers saving you time dealing with energy companies.


Our service means you no longer have to deal with any energy related issues as we will do this for you for free of charge.

4hr SLA to restore power


Our void account managers will fix this for you. We will deal with all UK energy suppliers to remove historical debts, arrange PAN numbers and restore power within 4 hrs. 

Our team will communicate with you every step of the way and you can contact the team on a dedicated telephone number or email the team with your issues.


We will send you spare electric keys and gas cards saving you time collecting RTI codes from local stores.


Panel of energy suppliers


Tenants save money work with a panel of energy suppliers to offer more choice to our clients.
Our suppliers have dedicated teams to deal with energy related issues to support our clients.


Our suppliers will offer you void credit, smart meter installations during void and net zero power.


Smart meter installations


Smart meters are the best solution for our clients. Our suppliers are able to install smart meters during the void period unoccupied.


Smart meters mean the end to estimated billing and RTI codes.


All smart meters will be the latest SMET2 meters for both gas and electricity.


Finally smart meters give the tenants a choice between pre-payment or credit.


Emergency meter jobs


Our team can arrange same day emergency meter replacements within a 4 hr period.


We can arrange these appointments with all UK energy suppliers. ​​


Emergency meter replacements are through a 3rd party and will require someone to be at the property.


We recommend you tell us the best time to arrange these appointments. 

Consolidated bills


We've worked with our energy suppliers to offer our clients consolidated energy bills.


One bill, one payment delivered electronically to reduce the paper bills and protect the environment.
5 day SLA to review and amend energy bills.