I was made up to a leading technician about six months. A major part of my job is to deal with electric and gas supplies to empty houses.  This in the past has been hard at times dealing with all the suppliers and  very time consuming.  Since using Tenants Save Money, my job has become a lot easier and given me more time to get on with my job role. I could not recommend them more.


Lead Technician 

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for the continued great service you are providing me regarding utility meters, saving me and Matt hours of our valuable time. It is making our void process a lot easier and more efficient. 



Team Leader – Technical Supervisor (Voids)

We are enjoying a far superior service than our previous one with a different energy company. 

Key for me are the levels of communication and the speed of response. Our Void supervisors love the fact that you do all the work around debt removal (rti codes) saving them a huge amount of time and anxiety.

Thank you TSM.



Support Officer - Voids

0203 816 0503

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