Renewable Energy

Our partnership with EDF (UK) is accelerating the development of the renewable energy sector. All social housing landlords and tenants automatically receive zero carbon electricity once on supply regardless of tariff.

EDF Renewables UK provides industry-leading, turnkey delivery, financing and operation of solar projects throughout the UK and Ireland. We are focused on making solar generation accessible, affordable, and responsive to the needs of our customers and the communities in which they operate.

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Wind power is a low carbon and plentiful source of energy that will never run out. This makes it an important part of the future energy mix – especially as technologies, like battery storage, are developed to make renewable power sources more reliable.

EDF Renewables UK and Ireland has built one of the largest operational battery storage project in Europe at our West Burton B CCGT power station in Nottinghamshire. The site’s 49 MW capacity enables the UK Grid to respond to fluctuations in demand for electricity in less than 0.5 seconds. Storage sites like this will help the UK develop a low-carbon energy, mix, as renewables can be integrated more easily.